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‘Gain of Function’

“I've now read quotes from Dr. Fauci years ago about his funding of 'gain of function' research. And apparently this was performed thru an intermediary (Peter Daszak) who helped set that up in Wuhan in 2017. As I recall more recently, he was in the so-called investigation group authorized to go to China to 'investigate', while 'real' investigative epidemiologists were fully denied access to China. As 79 Dr. Fauci doesn't need the grief; but he denied it all; and Weekend Australian will expose all of this ... well now,” notes Gene Inger, The Inger Letter.

“The idea is we could have learned about 'gain of function' without any of the risks that they know existed by doing the lab/bat work the way it was handled. Huge scandal. Can that affect the market? Well in 2017 Fauci did not brief President Trump or Sec'y. Pompao; and didn't step forward in January 2020 when he inherently 'had to know' what was funded and where it took place (a picture of Daszak and the bat lady is featured in Australia's coverage). By the way 'translate' gain of function; and I get: CCP/PLA bioweapon research.”

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