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Reuters Technical Analysis
Q3 Outlook 2021 – Wang Tao

Brent and WTI may experience corrections in the next quarter while maintaining their long-term uptrend. Palm oil could have moved into a long-term bear cycle, despite its possible strong bounce. Spot Gold may retest resistance at $1,934, Copper may revisit May high of $10,747.50. LME aluminium may retest resistance at $2,546. Grains are expected to revisit their May highs. Coffee may sustain its upward momentum and continue to reap gains while cocoa may suffer further loss. Dollar index may have started a medium-term uptrend. Daily and Weekly charts included – Wang Tao, Reuters market analyst for commodities and energy.
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Can Reddit's Silver "Apes" Beat the Market?

WallStreetBets, some of the 122,000-strong community hope to corner the silver market and bring down what they say is an unjust banking system. Market professionals say that is unlikely to succeed – there is plenty of silver, and central bankers in the United States and Europe expect inflation to stay in low single-digits.
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Winning with SPACs is a Long Shot

Getting in early on the next Tesla or Netflix is a major selling point of SPACs, or special purpose acquisition companies. SPACs offer an alternative to traditional initial public offerings (IPOs) and have surged in popularity. But picking a winner is far from a sure thing.
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Oil is Most Likely Headed to $80+ Within Months

Bill Velmer is most Bullish toward oil investment since 2014, asserts Bill Velmer, editor of S.A. Advisory investment newsletter [published for 37 years]. In his opinion, the perfect storm in place for oil and gas prices for the foreseeable future. Velmer invites Investors to consider a project that has the most attractive returns for both Oil and Gas, a proven reserve, a very short term for complete payout and a huge tax benefit.
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Salesforce.com Stands Out for the Near Term

Salesforce.com holds some investment appeal even after its recent rise. This equity stands out for the near term. In fact, it holds Value Line’s Highest (1) rank for Timeliness. Still, CRM’s three- to five-year appreciation potential is limited given the current quotation. This issue is best suited for momentum-oriented accounts.
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Survey: Real Estate and Cash Top Americans’ List
of Preferred Investments Over Next 10 Years

Real estate is Americans’ preferred investment choice for the long term, according to a new study from Bankrate. The survey reveals that 28 percent of Americans prefer real estate as the way to invest money not needed for 10 years or more.
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Who are the Dividend Aristocrats in 2021?

The U.S. Dividend Aristocrats are a basket of 65 stocks in the S&P 500 index. These companies have been growing their dividend per share consecutively, for a minimum of 25 years. These stocks are considered some of the safest on Wall Street because of their track records in providing steady and predictable returns to shareholders. The data from SureDividend.com, looks at all 65 Dividend Aristocrats, ranking them by their yield, sector, and year.
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July has Been Top Month of Post-Election Years

July historically is the best performing month of the third quarter however, the mostly negative results in August and September tend the make the comparison easy. Post-election year Julys rank at or near the top of all post-election year months. DJIA, S&P 500, and Nasdaq are ranked #1, Russell 2000 ranks #2.
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  The Bull & Bear Financial Report Classified Ads
Where ads are read for profit! Uranium, Copper Gold Silver Mining claims available. BRE-X Original Stock Certificates. How to get a FREE copy of the 2021 Stock Trader’s Almanac. FREE copy of The Stock Warrant Handbook by Dudley Baker. Partner in hemp to CBD oil operation. Investment Models Inc – An impressive 40-year track record. Gold and Silver Coins.
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Roche: Healthy Portfolio Holding. Buy

Roche Holding maintains a healthy balance sheet with profitable growth. Roche has had 34 consecutive years of dividend growth. The current dividend yields an attractive 2.8%. Long-term investors seeking a profitable prescription should consider Roche Holding AG – Ingrid Hendershot, of Hendershot Investments.
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Two Exceptionally Good ETFs Displaying Outstanding Growth Potential

Donald Pearson, editor Pearson Investment Letter focuses on two exceptionally good ETF selections displaying outstanding growth potential while featuring value. DIA has averaged 12.8% for the past ten years and XLV’s average return has been 15.1%.
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Stock Opportunities to Invest in Now

Instead of relying on the momentum of an unstoppable U.S. market, investors should be open to new strategies and should be comfortable on a global playing field. Here are five stock opportunities to consider for the second half of 2021.
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  Investment Newsletter Profile: Investment Models, Inc.
Investment Models, Inc. specializes in Stock Market Timing. The email newsletter has a very impressive 40+ year track record and is consistently ranked a “Top Ten Timer” by Timer Digest. Business Week calls Rohrbach “The Zen of Market Timing.” The RIX Index alerts you to exactly when to get in and when to get out of the stock market. No guessing!
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Featured Articles Inside This Issue:

Bet on Infrastructure Stocks – There is a lot of potential for traditional infrastructure stocks, as well as for green-energy stocks and other alternative plays that will benefit from Biden’s infrastructure proposal. Here are investments that should benefit from a potential spending surge from Washington.

Why You Should Consider Commodities – Commodities are good diversifiers in a portfolio because they are only about 30% correlated with stocks. All investors should have some exposure to commodities. That doesn’t mean buying them directly in the futures market. You can own exchange-traded securities that track broad portfolios of commodity contracts.

Bull & Bear’s Digest of Investment Newsletters – Buy/Sell advice from the world’s top-performing market timers, investment analysts, professional traders and money managers give their Top Stock Picks, Trading Strategies, Stock Market Trends and Precious Metals. Companies mentioned: Johnson & Johnson, Crocs, Winnebago, Skyworks Solutions, McDonalds, KonaTel, Royal Bank of Canada, JP Morgan Chase, Basel 3 Accords and more.

Gold: The Next Crisis, The Great Inflation – Both the dollar and gold are telling us that a perilous adjustment lies ahead – gold as an inflation hedge will protect us against the Great Inflation. Gold’s valuation is undervalued in an overvalued world. Buy/Hold/Sell advice for Barrick Gold, B2Gold, Centerra Gold, Eldorado Gold, IAMGold, Kirkland Lake Gold, Lundin Gold, Newmont and Yamana Gold by John Ing, CEO, Maison Placements Canada.

Microsoft Can Grow Earnings 14% Per Year – Analysts are projecting Microsoft can grow earnings 16% per year. Investor Advisory Service projects a more conservative 14%. Five years of this growth and an average high P/E of 33 could generate a stock price as high as $466.

2 Global Bank Stocks to Buy – Portfolio manager Margaret Samuel looks at a US bank and a competing major Canadian bank as potential investments against the backdrop of rising rates.

  China Looks to Take the Lead in Digital Currencies
The global shift to government-issued digital currencies “is like the space race of the 1960s,” says Stanford GSB’s Darrell Duffie. Thanks to the volatility in Bitcoin prices, cryptocurrencies are mesmerizing the world.
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  Resurgence of Uranium Exploration
in Saskatchewan, Canada

Numerous companies are currently on the hunt for uranium targeting near-surface, basement-hosted, high-grade uranium orebodies outside of the Athabasca Basin. Claims Available: 6 undrilled claims off eastern edge of Athabasca Basin.
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  Put an Estate Plan in Place
Here’s a statistic that will raise a few eyebrows: The number of adults younger than 35 who have a will increased by nearly 70% over the past year, reports Caring.com in its 2021 Wills and Estate Planning Study.
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Setting Up for a Supercycle?

A “supercycle” in the commodity market is defined as a multi-year and even decades-long period of time where a structural change in demand keeps supply constrained and prices elevated. Evidence is mounting that we are on the cusp of another cyclical boom for commodities. The Mosaic Co. has seen demand and pricing for its nutrients and fertilizers soar.
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  Spotlight on Two ETFs:
One Focuses on Value, the Other on Yield

Two exchange-traded funds for investors seeking value stocks or yield are spotlighted by two editors of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance. DSTL is a value fund with a twist and VWOB is a good choice for yield.
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  Silver Rush Creates Silver Scams
The Chinese are blowing up the web selling fake silver dollars. Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation warns of surge in fake “silver” coins offered online.
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How a Weaker Dollar Affects Your Portfolio

We rarely worry about whether the dollar is strong or weak relative to other foreign currencies, unless we have plans to travel abroad and need euros, yen or pesos. Even so, moves in the dollar can affect your portfolio in surprising ways.
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  Finding Value in Small Cap Stocks
A The argument for smaller companies used to be simple: Their shares are riskier, on average, than shares of larger companies, but they return more to investors. Consider these three small-cap funds with records of successful stock picking.
NASA-Astronomy-Picture-of-the-Day   Astronomy Picture of the Day
Discover the Cosmos – Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer. Plus an archive of previous daily APOD pages from the current date through January 1, 2015.
Discover the Cosmos
The Bull & Bear: Market Trends, Trading & Investment Ideas
5 Reasons to Fire Someone & How to do it ‘Right’
Roxi Bahar Hewertson provides decision makers at any supervisory level, exactly what they need to get it right every time they hire, develop, or fire someone. Learning how to navigate the hiring and firing process is a corporate essential.
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Tax Filing Tips

A Tax Quirk of Being a Business Partner

If you’re a partner in a business, you may have encountered a situation that gave you pause: In any given year, you may have been taxed on more partnership income than was distributed to you.
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Curtailing Cryptocurrency Tax Surprises

As investing in Bitcoin, Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies becomes increasingly popular, investors need to understand the potential tax ramifications. Unlike traditional currency, the IRS views cryptocurrency as property for federal income tax purposes.
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The Tax Treatment of Startup Expenses

With the economy improving, many business owners and entrepreneurs may decide to launch new enterprises. If you’re among them, be aware that the way you handle some of your initial expenses can make a large difference in your tax liability.
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The Bull & Bear NewsWire

Doug Gerlach, editor of the award-winning newsletter, Investor Advisory Service, reports on companies that are reporting their quarterly earnings. The following companies are also tracked by IAS: Alphabet, Apple, CarGurtus, D.R. Horton, Facebook, and O’Reilly Automotive:

Alphabet Bullish on Long-Term Opportunities
The combination of economies reopening, returning advertising demand, and an easy comparison to last year led to great results for Alphabet. Sales for the first quarter increased 34%, 32% in constant currency.
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Apple Produced Blowout Results for Fiscal Q2
But Performance Only Met Expectations

Apple produced blowout results for its fiscal second quarter, but shares didn’t react as the performance only met expectations. Sales were $89.6 billion, up a staggering 54%, led by a 66% advance for the firm’s iPhone 12 family of 5G SmartPhones.
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CarGurus Posts Solid Q1 of Profitability
A solid first quarter of profitability coupled with rapid growth from the recent acquisition of CarOffer for dealer-to-dealer vehicle auctions propelled CarGurus shares up 14%.
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D.R. Horton Expects to Continue to Grow its
Business at a Double-Digit Pace into Fiscal 2022

D.R. Horton reported another string quarter as revenue in fiscal Q2 increased 43% while EPS advanced 95%. It expects to continue to grow its business at a double-digit pace into Fiscal 2022.
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Rebound in Online Advertising a Boon to Facebook
The rebound in online advertising has been a boon to social media, Facebook included. Sales for the first quarter grew 48%, 44% in constant currency.
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O’Reilly Reports Outstanding Record-Breaking Quarter
O’Reilly Automotive reported Q1 results well ahead of expectations, aided by a combination of favorable weather and the latest rounds of government stimulus. Strength was broad-based across both the do-it-yourself and professional categories as comparable store sales advanced nearly 25%.
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Ingrid Hendershot, CFA, founder and president of Hendershot Investments Inc., an investment management firm and editor of Hendershot Investments, newsletter regularly posts earnings estimates on companies held in portfolios. Companies reporting quarterly earnings are Regeneron Pharmaceuticals and Cognizant:

Regeneron Reports Strong First Quarter
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals reported a healthy 38% increase in first quarter revenues to $2.5 billion with net earnings surging 78% to $1.15 billion and EPS soaring 86%, on fewer shares outstanding, to $10.09. Adjusted EPS, which excludes unrealized gains and losses on investments and other items, increased 50% to $9.89.
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Cognizant Reports First Quarter 2021 Results
Cognizant reported first quarter revenues rose 4% to $4.4 billion with net income up 38% to $505 million and EPS up 42% to $.95. Revenue growth was driven by digital revenue growth of 15% which now represents 44% of total revenue up from 39% in the prior year period.
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Argonaut Gold Record Quarterly Production of Gold
Argonaut Gold Announces Record Quarterly Production of 59,704 Gold Equivalent Ounces, Record Quarterly Revenue of $105.3 Million and Earnings per Share of $0.09.
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Fortuna Silver Boosts Operating Income 2,144% in Q1 2021
Fortuna Silver Mines reported record first quarter 2021 net income of $26.4 million, adjusted net income of $27.5 million, and adjusted EBITDA of $60.8 million.
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Torex Gold Reports Strong Operational Start to the Year
Torex Gold Resources Inc. reported Q1 2021 gold production of 129,500 ounces, which is the Company’s highest first quarter of production on record.
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Franco-Nevada Reports Strong Q1 Results Record Revenues and High Margins
Franco-Nevada’s diversified portfolio outperformed in the first quarter generating record revenues and an 85% Adjusted EBITDA Margin. FNV revised their guidance and outlook and now expect 25% growth in revenue over the next five years.
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