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  U.S. Recession or No.- Mixed Views Driving Asset Prices
The Federal Open Market Committee meeting is now behind us and it has had a profound outcome on global markets of virtually all kinds. The initial reaction to the meeting decisions and the subsequent statement and press release by Fed chair Jerome Powell had been to drive the dollar index sharply lower and gold, equities and bitcoin all higher – Lawrie Williams
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  Barrick Tweaks Cost Guidance as Copper Boosts Q2 Earnings
Barrick Gold beat analysts' expectations with a nearly 19% rise in Q2 profit thanks to higher copper output even as inflation drove production costs up. ABX now expects to be "either at the top end or slightly above" its all-in sustaining cost guidance range for 2022 of $1,040 to $1,120 per ounce of gold, given energy prices have risen due to the war in Ukraine.
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  August is the Worst DJIA and S&P 500 since 1988
August is amongst the worst months of the year. It is the worst DJIA, S&P 500, Russell 1000 and Russell 2000 month over the last 34 years, 1988-2021. Nasdaq August ranks second worst over the same time period.
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  Why the U.S. Dollar Will Be Replaced as the Dominant Global Currency – Sooner Than You Think
Frank Giustra expects, at the very least, an “alternative trading” currency to emerge and compete with the dollar. This new currency would be used solely for settling trades between nations as opposed to a reserve currency that central banks normally use for diversification.
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  How Bonds Help Reduce Bear Market Risk
When stock markets get jittery, bonds can help shelter portfolio losses. Here’s how bonds have performed during bear markets since WWII across a range of portfolio asset mixes.
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  How Many Stocks Should You Own?
The U.S. market as a whole has produced average annual returns of about 10% over the past century, but it doesn’t go up 10% every year. In roughly one out of four years, it declines – sometimes a lot, History shows that markets bounce back. But enduring sickening declines isn’t easy. The best way to smooth the ride is through diversification.
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  CMS Energy: Proving that
Being a Utility is Good Enough

It’s hard to believe that 20 years ago CMS Energy was a pariah in its home state of Michigan. CMS today is still laser-focused on the micro to achieve superior returns – Conrad’s Utility Investor.
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  Stock-Picking Secrets from a Fund Legend
TRon Baron, chairman, CEO and portfolio manager at Baron Capital, offers words of wisdom. Here are the stocks he likes now.
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  Reuters Technical Analysis Q3 Outlook 2022 – Wang Tao
Outlook is bearish for Brent Oil, U.S. Gold, Copper and Cocoa. Palm Oil may be rangebound before falling but grains are steady on long-term uptrend but may experience correction first. Downside for Aluminium is very limited. Dollar index is as bullish as Coffee. Analysis plus Weekly and Daily charts provided by Wang Tao, Reuters market analyst for commodities and energy technicals.

Salesforce: We Remain Fans of the
Long-Term Growth Story

Salesforce will probably put in a mixed performance this year. Still, Value Line has have tacked on a dime to the earnings-per-share estimate. Higher revenues and reduced inflationary costs ought to drive a significant bottom-line rebound in fiscal 2023.
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UPS: Poised to Deliver Long-Term Growth

Long-term investors should consider packaging up UPS for their portfolio. UPS is a high-quality market leader with strong cash flows, a hefty dividend and poised to deliver future long-term growth.
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CMS Energy: Proving that
Being a Utility is Good Enough

It’s hard to believe that 20 years ago CMS Energy was a pariah in its home state of Michigan. CMS today is still laser-focused on the micro to achieve superior returns – Conrad’s Utility Investor.
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Where to Invest Now

Market upheaval is nerve-racking – but it’s also replete with opportunities. Keep a watch list of stocks and funds you’d like to pounce on when the price is right and maintain a rigorous rebalancing schedule in your portfolio.
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Save Money by Timing your Tech Purchases

Laptops, cellphones, smart watches and other gadgets have become necessities for many consumers. But they can also be pricey. You can save money on technology by timing your purchases.
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Tax Strategies During a Bumpy Stock Market

Closely review your investment portfolio to take advantage of some tax-savings opportunities ― and to try to avoid some potential tax traps.
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A Different Shade of Green

The managers behind the recently launched Engine No. 1 Transform Climate ETF focus on U.S. stocks that will drive the transition to decarbonize the economy. But they aren’t above working with polluters.
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How Much Cash Or Liquidity
Do You Need in Volatile Market?

How much cash or liquidity do you need? According to Howard Hook, CFP, CPA, EKS Associates in NJ, you want sufficient liquidity for two reasons: in case of an emergency and so you won’t be forced to sell any investments during a volatile stock market.
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These Companies Find Ways
to Flourish even in Tough Times

Picking good stocks is challenging at any time. But these days, investors must be wary of companies that are vulnerable to ongoing inflation, as well as lingering supply-chain disruptions, rising interest rates and the scary geopolitical situation in eastern Europe. One way to find companies with those attributes is to scrutinize profit margins, which can show how efficiently a company manages its operations and costs over time, in good and bad periods.
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Gold: Presidential Midterm Years and
Years Ending in Two are Generally Positive

We may have to hunker down, get defensive. But with the potential for stagflation gold may shine irrespective of looming major cycle lows over the next few years. There are a number of positive signs suggesting gold could enjoy a good up year in 2022 against the background of potential stagflation and political unrest.
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  The Bull & Bear Financial Report Classified Ads
Where ads are read for profit! Copper-Gold-Silver Mining claims available. BRE-X Original Stock Certificates. How to get a FREE copy of the 2022 Stock Trader’s Almanac. FREE copy of The Stock Warrant Handbook by Dudley Baker. Partner in hemp to CBD oil operation. Investment Models Inc – An impressive 40-year track record. Gold and Silver Coins.
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  Investment Newsletter Profile: Investment Models, Inc.
Investment Models, Inc. specializes in Stock Market Timing. The email newsletter has a very impressive 40+ year track record and is consistently ranked a “Top Ten Timer” by Timer Digest. Business Week calls Rohrbach “The Zen of Market Timing.” The RIX Index alerts you to exactly when to get in and when to get out of the stock market. No guessing!
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  Silver Rush Creates Silver Scams
The Chinese are blowing up the web selling fake silver dollars. Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation warns of surge in fake “silver” coins offered online.
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NASA-Astronomy-Picture-of-the-Day   Astronomy Picture of the Day
Discover the Cosmos – Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer. Plus an archive of previous daily APOD pages from the current date through January 1, 2015.
Discover the Cosmos
The Bull & Bear: Market Trends, Trading & Investment Ideas

When Is Employer-provided Life Insurance Taxable?

If your employee benefits include group term life insurance paid by your employer, a portion of the premiums paid for the coverage may be taxable. Depending on the amount of coverage you’re provided, some of it may create undesirable income tax consequences for you.
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Sitting too Much Working from Home? Deskercise!

Working from home has many millions of people working in tighter, more cramped and less ergonomically friendly quarters. For those who can't break away for a run or a gym workout during the day, here are tips on how to loosen your limbs, prevent poor posture, and stave off aches and pains?
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After Filing Your Taxes, What Records Can You Toss?

If you’ve filed your 2021 tax return, you may want to pare down on tax-related paper clutter. Be careful to hold on to essential records that may be needed in the event of an IRS audit. Before you start tossing or shredding documents, read the rules to learn what must be kept (and for how long) and what can be safely discarded.
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Deducting the Costs of A Self-Managed Portfolio

To be able to deduct your investment-related expenses as business expenses, you must be engaged in a trade or business. There has been extensive litigation on the issue of whether a taxpayer is a trader or investor. The U.S. Tax Court has developed a two-part test, both parts of which must be satisfied for a taxpayer to be considered a trader.
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Using Alternative Energy for
Business Can Bring Tax Benefits

There’s also a valuable federal income tax benefit that applies to the acquisition of many types of alternative energy property: the business energy credit. The credit is intended primarily for business users. But be aware that other energy tax breaks apply if you use alternative energy in your home or if you produce energy for sale.
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The Bull & Bear NewsWire

Torex Gold Reports Strong Q2 Financial Results
Torex Gold delivered solid results across multiple fronts in Q2. Strong production, combined with ongoing discipline in cost containment, resulted in robust revenue, operating cash flow, and free cash flow generation this quarter. Torex is in a very favourable position to fund the development of Media Luna while continuing to invest in value-generating exploration – Jody Kuzenko, Torex Gold Resources.

Quarterly Results for Apple, Alphabet, Genuine Parts and Microsoft
Ingrid Hendershot, CEO of Hendershot Investments, a money management firm, reports on quarterly results for Portfolio Holdings Apple, Alphabet, Genuine Parts and Microsoft. Click on Headline for Quarterly Company Reports.
Apple Reports Q3 2022 Results: $83B Revenues,
Alphabet Reports Weaker-Than-Expected Earnings & Revenues,
Genuine Parts Q2 Sales Motoring Ahead to $5.6B,
Microsoft Expects Double-Digit Growth in Revenues and Operating Income for the Full 2023 Year

Romios Announces Appointment of Stephen Burega as CEO

Romios Gold Resources Inc. announced that Mr. Stephen Burega has been appointed CEO of the Company. Mr. Burega was appointed President of the Company in September 2021. Tom Drivas has resigned as CEO.
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CN Rail Posts Record Q2 Revenues of C$4.3B

Canadian National Railway reported record second quarter revenue of C$4.3 billion an increase of 21% with net income up 28% to C$1.3 billion and EPS chugging ahead 32% to C$1.92.
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Rio Tinto: Posts Dim Interim Results, are Investors Worried About Buying This Dividend Gem?

Rio Tinto has posted its interim results for H1 2022. The company’s operations were hit by falling iron ore prices and higher inflation rates harmed their profitability. As a result, it slashed its ordinary dividend per share by 29% to $2.67 and also cancelled its special dividend, unlike last year. Investors are concerned, but do not seem deterred from buying this dividend gem?
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