Argonaut Gold Inc. -- Creating the Next Quality
      Mid-Tier Gold Producer in the Americas

Atna Resources Ltd. -- Rapidly Growing Gold Producer
      with Two Operating Mines; Starting Construction
      at the Reward Mine

BacTech Environmental Corporation -- Proprietary Reclamation Technology Asset-Rich
      Exploration/Mining Properties

Barkerville Gold Mines, Ltd.
Poised to move into the ranks of mid-tier producer

Batero Gold Corp.
Aggressively Exploring Massive Gold/Copper
      Porphyry in Colombia

DTS8 Coffee Co., Ltd.
Challenging Major Players in Growing Chinese Coffee Market

Latin American Minerals Inc.
Exploring Potential New Gold District in Paraguay

Lithium Americas Corp.
Developing One of the World’s Largest and Lowest Cost
      Lithium Operations.

Puma Exploration
Exploring Large Silver, Copper and Gold Projects
      in New Brunswick & Manitoba

Torex Gold Resources Inc.
Moving Multi-Million Oz Morelos Gold Project to Production

U.S. Silver & Gold Inc.
New Company Built for Growth

American Gold Exchange, Inc.
Your Reliable Hard Asset Advisor
      Gold, Platinum, Silver, Rare Coins

Cambridge House International
Resource Investment Conferences
      Throughout North America

Canaccord Wealth Management -- Rod Blake
“Your Gateway toCanadian Securities”

Gold Stock News
Top Gold Stock Picks, Live Charts, News, Area Plays

Common Stock Warrants
ALL Stock Warrants Trading, ALL Industries and Sectors

Metals & Minerals
      Investment Conferences
National Resource Experts

Invest Smarter, Trade Wiser: Investment Seminars,
      Mkt. Commentary

The Resource Investor
Precious Metals Trends… Gold, Silver, Uranium, Oil & Gas


The Bowser Report
Your Source for Penny Stock Info
Free Daily Technical Analysis Ratings on 15,000 Companies

The Buyback Letter
Turning Buybacks Into Profits

The Dines Letter
Cycle Analysis • Precious Metals Stocks
      Explicit “Buy” to “Sell” Advice

Heartland Adviser
Solid Undervalued Stocks

The Inger Letter
Fundamental & Technical Analysis;
      Focused on S&P E-Mini Tradin

InvesTech Research Newsletter
Maintains Over 100 Years of
      Financial and Historical Mkt. Data

The KonLin Letter
Micro/Small-Caps; Buy - Sell • Technical
      Fundamental Market Timing

The Morgan Report
Silver Analysis & Research

The Northern Miner
Covering the global mining industry
      Mining news as it happens

Oil and Gas Investments Bulletin
Invest and Prosper in Oil & Gas

Street Smart Report
“Top-Ranked Timer for Over 10 Years”

Verified Equity Funding for Serious Investors
Div of Pennaluna & Co. • Member FINRA/SIPC
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