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FREE Webinar: Santa Claus Rally,
Seasonal Trades & 2020 Election Cycle

Jeffrey Hirsch, editor of the Stock Traders Almanac & Almanac Investor Newsletter and Chief Market Strategist at Probabilities Fund Management, LLC will be hosting a FREE webinar, “Santa Claus Rally, Seasonal Trades & 2020 Election Cycle” on Wednesday December 4, 2019 1:00 pm EDT.
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Don’t Miss the Santa Rally of 2019 and the only “Free Lunch” on Wall Street! Join Jeff Hirsch for this no-nonsense, candid webinar that will fully prepare you with straightforward analysis on top stocks, ETF sectors right now and for next year, seasonal trading strategies and a sneak peek at his outlook for 2020.

The beat rolls on. In the face of ongoing geopolitical and U.S. political volatility, machinations and all the noise, equity markets continue to march higher. While economic growth has slowed underlying strength remains evident.

Markets have been tracking seasonal patterns to a T this year. Pre-election Years tend to make their highs around yearend so after a little chop between now and mid-December Hirsch expects further new highs.

If election-cycle politics come into play, we will either get a trade deal with China in principle before the December 15 deadline when new tariffs are supposed to kick in or the White House will kick the can into next year and delay the new tariffs some more so they can settle on an initial agreement with the Chinese well ahead of the 2020 Presidential Election.

In any event, seasonal strength is firing on all pistons as it has been all year. This reinforces our positive outlook for the rest of 2019 and 2020.

Small cap stocks have notoriously outperformed large caps in January, but now the January Effect starts in mid-December. The Only “Free Lunch” on Wall Street, is a bargain stock trading strategy that capitalizes on this Effect and the Santa Claus Rally.

Each President is different, but the power of incumbency is undeniable when a sitting president runs for re-election. Learn “How the Government Manipulates the Economy to Stay in Power” and how the market has performed better in election years when a sitting president is running for reelection.

Jeffrey Hirsch will also share his latest seasonal trading setups, current undervalued under-the-radar stock picks, the ins and outs of his Best Six Months Switching Strategy, update his yearend 2019 Market Outlook and preview his 2020 Forecast. Hirsch will teach you many seasonal indicators, patterns and strategies, including the 4-year election cycle, and his Tactical Seasonal Sector Rotation Strategy.

He will explain in clear language all there is to know about market seasonality and how he rotates in and out of sectors with the highest probability for maximum returns using fundamental and technical analysis in conjunction with seasonal and cyclical trading strategies, economic trends, and historical patterns.

Don’t miss the Jeffrey Hirsch FREE webinar, “Santa Claus Rally, Seasonal Trades & 2020 Election Cycle” on Wednesday December 4, 2019 1:00 pm EDT.
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