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Financial Advisor Provides
Life Tips for Millennials

Trapped between high student debt, lack of employment
and low wages, many millennials feel helpless

“Statistics show that employed millennials are making approximately 20 percent less than people of the same age a generation ago,” stated Christopher Krell CFP, CFS, a leading authority on personal finance. “And there are many also searching for employment.” Krell added that securing good employment is key to financial success and that, if millennials approach the job search strategically, they do not have to become part of the statistics. “There are still plenty of good paying jobs available,” he advises, “Millennials just have to approach them with a plan.” Recently, Krell’s firm, Cassaday & Co., held a special seminar for millennials with some of the firm’s millennials also offering advice. Here are some of the recommendations:

  • Pull out all of the stops in finding a job. Network with alumnae from your college or university. Tap into your center of influence for connections: parent’s friends, your dentist, the family accountant, etc.
  • Develop an innovative resume and be persistent. Recognize that whatever you majored in in college doesn’t necessarily have to be the field you pursue. Millennials at Cassaday point out that many of them don’t have degrees in finance or even in business.
  • Grow your resume with internships and other substance. It doesn’t matter what it is, it matters where it is – the more high profile the better to grow your connections.
  • Remember that education is a tool to teach you how to learn. Experiences teach you actual skills. What you do outside of the classroom stands out more to employers.
  • Be cognizant of your brand – remember that potential employers, as well as your network of influencers, can view your social media posts. Use this to reinforce your resume.
  • Dress and speak appropriately – get rid of any junk verbiage you use – stop saying “like,” “um,” or “oh.”
  • Celebrate and enhance your strengths – figure out what you’re good at.
  • Use leadership opportunities to get better communication skills and body language. Practice asking questions.
  • A good company will recognize your innate abilities and teach you the rest. Millennials at Cassaday & Co. were selected for their confidence, leadership qualities and quick thinking.
  • When interviewing, make friends with the receptionist, the most important person at a firm. Call the receptionist ahead of the interview and find out who will be interviewing you, what to wear, etc. Write an individual cover letter for each job that connects the dots on why you’re a great candidate.
  • Interview the interviewer. Ask about the office environment, corporate culture, where you would be working. It is important to make sure you’ll be happy and work and a good fit. Consider the office setup, co-workers, the environment and your commute.

“Being successful is easy if you push past your comfort zone every day,” added Krell. “Take initiative and demonstrate that you will be an asset to the company, exude confidence and leadership qualities and you’ll find yourself on a path set for life.”

Editor’s Note: Christopher Krell, CFP, CFS, is a principal with Cassaday & Company, Inc. since 1997. He has won many awards and accolades throughout his years with the firm including, most recently a “Top Financial Advisor in 2016 by the Washingtonian and “Top Financial Advisors 2015” from the Financial Times. himself as a trusted financial planner and advisor. For more information, on Christopher Krell and his services Click here.

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