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Top Stock Picks 2019
Each year for more than three decades, the editorial team has surveyed the nation’s leading newsletter advisors and investment experts asking for their favorite conservative and speculative stocks for the year ahead. Inside, we feature a number of these investment ideas. Including resource stocks, fast-growing stocks with high potential as well as conservative dividend-paying stocks and blue chips chosen for safe and steady returns.

Top Stock Ideas for 2019
Argus Research surveyed their analysts to find the best sectors and stocks to Buy for the upcoming year. The analyst’s list is diversified, and includes large-cap and mid-cap ideas, growth stocks and value picks and, momentum and contrarian options.

Gold: Trump, the Tariff Man
Equity markets soared on reports of a ceasefire negotiated by Presidents Trump and Xi Jinping, after the G-20 talks. But markets plunged when President Trump deflated the enthusiasm with a self-congratulatory tweet, “I am the Tariff Man”, ignoring that tariffs are really a tax on consumption, says John Ing, CEO of Maison Placements Canada. Ing believes gold will continue to rise in value as long as the United States runs twin deficits, spends more than they bring in and Donald Trump is in the White House. He gives his recommendations for Barrick Gold, B2Gold, Kinross Gold, Kirkland Lake Gold, and McEwen Mining.

Precious Metals Forecast Survey 2019
32 analysts from around the globe give their forecasts for the price of Gold and Silver in 2019. The analysts give their high and low price forecasts and what they think will be the key drivers likely to influence the precious metals prices through 2019.

Bull & Bear’s Investment Advisory Digest
The world’s sharpest market watchers give their investment ideas for Turnaround Stocks for 2019, Gold Stocks to Buy Now, Top Stock Picks of the Month. Top analysts and money managers give their market strategies and trends to watch and profit from in 2019.