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Estate Planning and What to Do With Trump As President?
In a series of articles, David T. Phillips, CEO of Estate Planning Specialists, shares with us The 10 Most Common Estate Planning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them.

Estate Planning: Mistake 1:
Failure to have any plan at all, or having an antiquated or improper plan.

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Top Stock Picks 2019
Each year for more than three decades, the editorial team has surveyed the nation’s leading newsletter advisors and investment experts asking for their favorite conservative and speculative stocks for the year ahead. Inside, we feature a number of these investment ideas. Including resource stocks, fast-growing stocks with high potential as well as conservative dividend-paying stocks and blue chips chosen for safe and steady returns.

Top Stock Ideas for 2019
Argus Research surveyed their analysts to find the best sectors and stocks to Buy for the upcoming year. The analyst’s list is diversified, and includes large-cap and mid-cap ideas, growth stocks and value picks and, momentum and contrarian options.

Gold: Trump, the Tariff Man
Equity markets soared on reports of a ceasefire negotiated by Presidents Trump and Xi Jinping, after the G-20 talks. But markets plunged when President Trump deflated the enthusiasm with a self-congratulatory tweet, “I am the Tariff Man”, ignoring that tariffs are really a tax on consumption, says John Ing, CEO of Maison Placements Canada. Ing believes gold will continue to rise in value as long as the United States runs twin deficits, spends more than they bring in and Donald Trump is in the White House. He gives his recommendations for Barrick Gold, B2Gold, Kinross Gold, Kirkland Lake Gold, and McEwen Mining.

Precious Metals Forecast Survey 2019
32 analysts from around the globe give their forecasts for the price of Gold and Silver in 2019. The analysts give their high and low price forecasts and what they think will be the key drivers likely to influence the precious metals prices through 2019.

Bull & Bear’s Investment Advisory Digest
The world’s sharpest market watchers give their investment ideas for Turnaround Stocks for 2019, Gold Stocks to Buy Now, Top Stock Picks of the Month. Top analysts and money managers give their market strategies and trends to watch and profit from in 2019.

Bull & Bears Newsletter Digest, Top Stock Picks, Market Insights

Capitalizing on the Booming Pet Industry
3 excellent investment opportunities in the animal health space. Neal Rosenberg, portfolio manager of Baron Growth Fund, discusses how the “humanization” of pets has created a booming industry.

The 4 Most Common Mortgage and Real Estate
Scams and How to Stop Them

The last thing consumers should worry about is being scammed when they buy or rent a home, or refinance a mortgage. Read this to avoid sending your down payment or rent deposit to a scammer.

Consulting Sucks (Sometimes):
15 Ugly Truths to Ponder Before You Take the Leap

Doug Gerlach, Investor Advisory Service, expects Alphabet to grow EPS at an average annual rate of 15%. Five years of 15% EPS growth multiplied by a high P/E of 30.5 generates a potential high price of 2593. If achieved, this would represent annual compound growth of 18% for the shares.

Alphabet’s Growth Profile Remains Strong
Doug Gerlach, Investor Advisory Service, expects Alphabet to grow EPS at an average annual rate of 15%. Five years of 15% EPS growth multiplied by a high P/E of 30.5 generates a potential high price of 2593. If achieved, this would represent annual compound growth of 18% for the shares.

Rare Earths Trade Gun is Loaded; Will China Pull the Trigger?
Doug Gerlach, Investor Advisory Service, expects Alphabet to grow EPS at an average annual rate of 15%. Five years of 15% EPS growth multiplied by a high P/E of 30.5 generates a potential high price of 2593. If achieved, this would represent annual compound growth of 18% for the shares.

U.S. Dependence on China's Rare Earth: Trade War Vulnerability
Rising tensions between the U.S. and China have sparked concerns that Beijing could use its dominant position as a supplier of rare earths for leverage in the trade war between the two global economic powers. China supplied 80% of the rare earths imported by the U.S. from 2014 to 2017.

Gold: A Legacy of Debt, Deficits and Doom
SPECIAL REPORT: John Ing, President and CEO, Maison Placements Canada, believes that when “informed insiders” such as the world’s central banks buy gold at the highest pace in fifty years and the gold miners buy each other, that gold must be a screaming buy. Mr. Ing also believes that the Trump-inspired trade wars, the weaponization of American financial hegemony has in large part forced investors to look for alternatives. “Gold is a good thing to have,” says Ing. Here are his recommendations for B2Gold, Barrick Gold, Detour Gold, Eldorado Gold, Kirkland Lake Gold, Newmont Goldcorp and Yamana Gold.
Read More.

Palladium is Forecast to Once
Again Outperform Platinum in 2019

Platinum & Palladium Focus Highlights: Divergent trends in platinum and palladium’s fundamentals continued in 2018 and are forecast to persist this year (and beyond). Platinum’s annual average price is expected to slip by 1% to $875. The palladium price is forecast to set a new record annual average this year of $1,490.

Gold Worth Billions
Smuggled Out of Africa

Billions of dollars' worth of gold is being smuggled out of Africa every year through the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East – a gateway to markets in Europe, the United States and beyond – a Reuters analysis has found.

Global Gold Output to Hit New Record High in 2019
Gold production increased for the 10th consecutive year in 2018 to 107.3 million ounces (Moz), and is expected to reach a new record high of 109.6 Moz in 2019, according to the latest metals and mining research by S&P Global Market Intelligence. To View Special Report, Click Here.

World Silver Survey 2019
Global silver demand up 4% in 2018, fuelled by soaring investment demand along with rising jewelry and silverware offtake.

Retirees Have a Negative Outlook Towards Bitcoin
Retirees are not well-known for being major risk takers. In fact, quite the opposite is true with their age bracket. This is why it should not come as a huge surprise that they look at Bitcoin and the other major cryptocurrencies with a skeptical eye.

Reuters Technical Analysis Q2 Outlook 2019
U.S. oil is going to be a roller-coaster ride for both bulls and bears. Spot gold may extend gains moderately in Q2 before reversing the uptrend. Spot gold may test a resistance at $1,380 per ounce in the second quarter, a break above which could open the way towards $1,483. Palm oil is expected to complete a corrective cycle. Grains and cocoa are bullish, while base metals and the peaking spot palladium look very bearish. Special attention is drawn to dollar index which is poised to soar. To read the full report, Click Here.

April Almanac: DJIA’s Best Month
Typical pre-election year strength does bolster April’s performance since 1950. April is DJIA’s best month in pre-election years (+4.0%), second best for S&P 500 (+3.5%) and third best for Nasdaq (+3.5%), according to Jeff Hirsch, Almanac Investor.

Put Raytheon on your Radar
Raytheon has increased their dividend for 14 consecutive years with the dividend compounding at a 9.4% annual rate during the past five years. Return on equity has averaged more than 20% for the last ten years.

Merck: A Fit for Most Equity Portfolios
Ian Gendler, Value Line thinks Merck & Co. offers broad appeal. It stands out for the short term, offers an above-average dividend yield, and garners a top rank for Safety. He views Merck as a core holding that would fit nicely in most equity portfolios.

Mining a Few Stocks at the PDAC – Bill Cara
PDAC 2019 – The world’s premier mineral exploration and mining convention attracted record crowds this year. Bill Cara, Cara Portfolio Management Ltd. made his way through the maze of exhibiting junior exploration companies and mid-tier/major mining companies. Here are a few of his PDAC take-aways.

$1,700 Gold is on the Horizon, says Jay Taylor
: A potential correction in the equities market, coupled with rising U.S. debt levels, will play in gold's favor, said Jay Taylor of J. Taylor's Gold, Energy & Tech Stocks,, in an interview with Daniela Cambone, Kitco News. “I think we need to get through $1,350, $1,360, and then the first major target that I see, and I'm not sure of the timing, I think we're looking at $1,700,"
Listen to the Interview Click Here

5 Favorite Turnaround Stocks for 2019
The Turnaround Letter, edited by George Putnam, III has selected his "Top Five" stocks from his list of recommendations for the upcoming year. Putnam recommends holding a well-diversified group of turnaround stocks because individual turnaround stocks can be risky.

Argus Research Raises Rating on Industrial Sector
The Argus Strategy team recently raised its rating on the Industrial sector to Over-Weight from Market-Weight. The sector has demonstrated momentum in 2019, after a challenging year in 2018 (when financial headlines focused on tariffs and trade). Here are five Buy-rated Industrial sector ideas.

Investing Profitably Through the End of The Bull Market Cycle and Through The Next Bear Market
Special 120-Page Report: Louis P. Stanasolovich CFP, CEO and President Legend Financial Advisers, Inc. discusses the following along with charts and historical data: Elections and the Stock Markets, the FED, Recession Risks, Forecasting Market Downturns, Stock Market Corrections, Bear Markets, Sector Cycles and Performance, Investing Strategies.
To Download the Special Report or Read Click Here

Resources in the Spotlight
Gold has had a good rise and it’s up against a strong resistance. Palladium appears to be in a blow off top. Resource sector is coming alive. Copper reached a new high, observes The Aden Forecast advisory service.

How Venezuela Turns Its Useless Bank Notes Into Gold
Venezuela's most successful financial operations in recent years have not taken place on Wall Street, but in primitive gold-mining camps in the nation's southern reaches.

Stocks that are Likely to Benefit from Government Infrastructure Spending
Argus Research has designed a portfolio of BUY-rated companies in sectors that will likely benefit from government investment into infrastructure rebuilding.

Stand By Your Bonds in 2019
If you're a bond investor, 2019 will not be a time for sweeping changes ­– and perhaps not even mild adjustments – to your fixed-income plan.

Best Places to Retire on $30,000 (or Less) a Year
In the right spots overseas, it’s possible to enjoy a champagne retirement on a beer budget, according to a new report from the editors of They’ve highlighted seven towns around the world – from romantic European cities to laidback Caribbean oceanfront communities – where expats can live a rich man’s lifestyle on $30,000 a year (or less).

Verizon Communications Should Outperform The
Broader Market Over Both the Near and Long Terms
Verizon stock holds broad appeal. According to Value Line’s analysis and proprietary measures, the issue should outperform the broader market over both the near and long terms. What's more, income-seeking investors may be drawn to the high-quality equity's dividend yield (4.1%).

Forget the Copper, Go for Gold
The cyanide soluble copper contained in gold/copper ores has often been the Achilles heel in making these particular projects economic.

Jay Taylor Interviews Chairman John Anderson, Triumph Gold
Jay Taylor, editor J. Taylor’s Gold, Energy & Tech Stocks newsletter, has been a shareholder of Triumph Gold Corp (TSX.V: TIG) (OTCMKTS: TIGCF) for some time and states that it is now his personal top holding. To see why Jay is to bullish on Triumph Gold Click Here

The New Best Choice Cloud Software
The Market Timer App by Best Choice Software is a cloud-based computer program covering stocks, mutual funds and options. It maintains a historical database of both price and earnings of over 8000 US. Stocks. All the data resides on the cloud so Market Timer can be accessed from anywhere at anytime.

Leave The Legacy You Want With This End-Of-Life Checklist
A lifetime of hard work may have rewarded you with a nice home and hefty bank accounts, but what happens to all those assets once you’re gone?

The Bull & Bear: Market Trends, Trading & Investment Ideas

What You Can Do Now to Avoid a Paltry Retirement
Americans approaching retirement today face stagnant incomes, high debt, and paltry 401(k) retirement funds. Ignoring these problems won’t make them go away, Pamela Yellen, best-selling author, offers steps to create a plan for greater security and self-sufficiency in retirement.

Financial Challenges Facing Women
Women who are full-time caregivers, and/or widows and those preparing for a more secure retirement often face financial challenges.

Thinking about selling your business? UBS has a three-point guide focused on the major investment-related decisions business owners face before, during and after the sale.

2019’s Best & Worst States for Doctors
Doctors are among the highest-paid and most educated professionals in the U.S. with a median base salary of over $195,000. Working conditions for doctors aren’t the same everywhere in the U.S. In order to help doctors decide where to practice, compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across 18 key metrics. Their data set ranges from average annual wage of physicians to hospitals per capita to quality of public hospital system. Check out the complete ranking, additional expert commentary and a full description of their methodology, Click Here.

A Hacker's Tips on Keeping Your Personal Data Protected
An anonymous hacker who now writes a cyber security blog had these recommendations for individuals who want to protect themselves and their files when online.

Keep Data Safe in the Cloud
You probably got the memo ages ago that you need to back up your computer's files religiously. Otherwise, they could disappear into the void should your computer's hard drive implode or your machine fall victim to hackers.

Gold Outlook 2019 – Higher Gold Prices Ahead
Gold prices have declined so far this year. But 2019 and 2020 should be positive again because analysts at ABN AMRO expect a lower dollar, lower US Treasury yields, a recovery of the Chinese yuan and higher jewellery demand.

Silver Outlook 2019 – Silver Has Seen the Worst
Silver prices have declined by 14% and speculators hold extreme short positions. Silver prices have seen the worst, ABN AMRO analysts are positive on silver outlook, because of lower dollar, lower US Treasury yields and recovery in the Chinese yuan.

Following the Money in Commodities Leads to Gold Mines
The common theme at two mining investment conferences recently held in Cape Town was that putting cash into gold mining companies offers the best prospects in the commodity space.

Take the Stress Out of Market Swings
Merger Fund's results are more than respectable for a market-neutral fund – one that aims to churn out consistent returns regardless of movements in the broad stock market.

Top 10 Dangers and Opportunities for Seniors
Top-Rated Trusts and Estates Attorney John O. McManus summarizes proactive planning that seniors and their loved ones should undertake now.

A New Threat to Your Finances: Cell-Phone Account Fraud
A new analysis of 40 billion mobile calls predicts mobile scam calls will account for 44.6% of all mobile calls by Q2 2019, up from 3.7% in Q2 2017. Neighbor spoofing will account for 91.6% of all scam calls by Q2 2019. Criminals may be opening accounts in your name. Here's how to protect yourself.

On the Cutting Edge
Each quarter, Friess Associates, investment managers, share innovative and interesting ideas that cross their research team’s radar screen. The chance to capitalize on investment opportunities related to them may lie in the future or may never materialize. Here are some of the recent ideas.

American Gold Exchange Leading Precious Metals and Rare Coin Dealer
Customer service is the highest priority and value is their watchword. That's why AGE is recommended by leading precious metals advisors as a trusted source for classic coins and bullion.

Renting vs. Owning: Pros and Cons You Should Consider Before You Sign a Lease or a Mortgage 
Ready to rent or buy a new place to call home? Don’t make this important decision without carefully considering what’s best for you and your financial future. Eric Tyson analyzes the pros and cons of renting and owning.

The Bull & Bear NewsWire

PDAC Resource Company Presentations: The Bull & Bear Financial Report, a Media Partner with The Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) 2019, met with a number of exhibiting resource companies. Here are Company Presentations from: Appia Energy, Argonaut Gold, Aura Resources, B2Gold, CanAlaska Uranium, First Majestic Silver, McEwen Mining, New Age Metals, New Pacific Metals, RJK Explorations, Romios Gold, SilverCrest Metals, Wesdome Gold Mines.

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No Money, No Problem: Eleven Tips for a Start-up
Business with Very Little Cash (and a Great Idea)

Many entrepreneurs kick off their ventures on a budget so lean it’s beyond shoestring; it’s dental floss! That’s especially true in an era where credit is almost impossible to come by. Michael Houlihan, one of the founders of Barefoot Wine, explains how to get the biggest possible bang out of very few start-up bucks.

9 Major Retirement Planning Mistakes to Avoid
Much has been written about the classic financial mistakes that plague start-ups, family businesses, corporations and charities. Aside from these blunders, there are also some classic financial missteps that plague retirees.

Astronomy Picture of the Day
Discover the Cosmos—Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.

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